Tribest Slow Juicer Reveiws – Top Masticating Twin Gear Juicers

Are you crazy to discover everything about the Tribest Slow Juicers. In this article, we will cover the slow masticating juicers including the top-listed Greenstar juicers series from Triebst Brand. Go through e complete Article to learn how to pick the best Tribest slow juicer.

As we have noticed that it is not an easy hell to switch to a healthy lifestyle.  One of the staples of this healthy lifestyle is optimal nutrition, but the cat of changing your diet is not a piece of cake. Not only you need to think more and ahead and be ready to make changes in your diet, but preparing nutritive food and healthy juices consumes more time. That is why a high-performance juicer can be your best friend.

However, if you are using low juicing quality appliances is often a waste of time and poor diet, you will have problems with dull quality juice. The Tribest Company users can know the feeling of a best masticating juicer. The Innovative design and more versatile juicing capability of the Tribest Juicers give consistent results from your produce fed into the masticating juicers.

In THis article, we will discuss the tribest juicer reviews. After reviewing the best appliances from the brand, we will also analyze the factors that are to consider to make the juicer more unique and tastier.

What is Tribest Company

Tribest company was established in 1988 in Los Angeles. This means that the company is old and trusted as it is working for more than thirty years in this field. The Brand launched its first product in 1990. Later on, they introduced their first juice extractor, after four years from the establishment.  However, they made a successive line in 2009 and earned the trust of juicers and Greenstar Elite in the market. Today, the company is working on high-quality products in the best juicers and masticating machines on the list to ensure a healthier life for its clients and earn more trustiest clients.

Tribest is at best in manufacturing high-quality extracting juicers. The brand has worldwide customers from all over the world.  Customers are trusted to recommend purchasing the best performance quality juicers from tribest top in the list. Greenstar Elite juicers have won many international certificates and most sold on online marketplace appliances from the brand throughout the world.

Tribest has earned a prestigious quality performance excellence reputation.  They are more striving to be focused to design more quality juicers and mincers with innovative design and unique features, That’s why they are more focused on maintaining their quality and manages to be at the top o the healthier living lifestyle.

Features that Makes Tribest juices Special

Here are some unique features that are built-in in tribes juicers that make these juicers special in the list.

  • Slow Speed Proven Ideal in Experiments: it has been proved that slow speeds are better for extracting juice from fruits and vegetables. it keeps the nutrient structured without being damaged by fast crushing them. Slow masticating juicers have quality juice for a healthy lifestyle
  • Increased content of minerals: New technology enhances the quality, as well as the, ensures the increased mineral content in the juice. The twin gear technology that is embedded in tribest juices ads value to the quality of the juices with increased content of beneficial minerals in your diet
  • Long Durable Juicers: These Tiebst best juices are long-lasting. The warranty period runs to over 10 to 15 years of time. They are long-lasting and can be sud for hours days regularly. they are best for work when you are supposed to do more work headed outside for reasons.
  • Oxidation Protection:  Apart from the slow-speed juicing operation, this juicer, these slow masticating juicers from tribest produce a small amount of heat evolved to reduce the extent of oxidation.  Reducing the extent of oxidation ensures healthier juice to add to your diet. Oxidation refers to the loss of nutrients from your juice,  so it’s better to reduce

Twin-Gear Technology

Twin Gear Technology is the advanced feature that comes in Tribest Greenstar Juicers. This technology has the credibility to make this juicer stand out from the competition and proves to be perfect for leafy greens to apples and carrots.

Another very crucial feature of Truibest Greenstar Juicer is Twin Grear Technology.  This feature measures the capability of the machines to process all the produce fed into it.

The very vital role of the twin technology is its triple action system. it has the feature to cut hard vegetables and fruits like celery and carrots. This Triple action system has been built-in features in updated Tribest Greenstar Elite Juicers.

Personally, I would highly recommend the Tribest Greenstar juicer if you have a good budget to spend over juicer for long-term use and for healthier diet juice for a sound lifestyle.

The Triple Action system has the features that it prevents jamming and ensures you get maximum juice from the produce and a smooth quality juice including the nutrients in original form.

That prevents jamming and ensures you get maximum juice yield and smooth juice. It also contains pocket recesses that do the slicing, while the base handles the crushing.

The twin gears contain ceramic material. The twin gears technology works on kinetic energy and desires to work with infrared emissions. This technique protects and secures a wavelength required for organic materials and water to oscillate naturally. this of the juice. Thus adds value to the freshness and nutritional value to toe juice

Best Tribest Juicers Reviews

We have researched to find the best tribest juicers in the online marketplace. Are ready to know about the best apple juicers that are from tribest.  We are listing the best juicers that are perfect for beginners to experience with the trusted brand.

Tribest SW-2020 SlowStar Vertical Slow Juicer

Tribest Juicer | Greenstar Elite slow Juicer

The Tribest SW-2020 Slowstar Vertical Slow Juicer is the best from this Brand. Its features make this tribest juicer the best of all the models from this brand. The Juicer runs at 47 RPM which is a slow running operation for extraction more and quality juice from your produce fed to the juicer.

The Parts are BPA Free and are very reliable to use for more than three years.  The components have small footprints.

The Slow Masticating juicer is quieter in operation and safety is the first priority of this juicer to give to its users.  The juicer has a detachable cap and all components can be easily disabled and are easy to clean one by one.


The Tribest Vertical slow masticating juicer model SW-2020 Slowstar juicer has a 200 watts motor that operates at 47 RPM to ensure quality nutrients healthier juice in your healthy diet.

The SW2020 Greenstar Elite juicer works on three-phase speed reduction to preserve the juice quality and its freshness for your diet. This feature prevents your juicer from losing its minerals. The Tribest Greenstar juicer comes with a door blade double auger that helps to cut more ingredients and increases the juicing yield.  The experiments tested proved that this technique gives 40% more juice through this technique.

The juicer comes with mincing attachments. This increases the versatility of the SW-3020 juicer and lets you make butter, making sour milk, and mixing foods.


One of the priorities of the juicer is safety. This juicer won’t start until you attach all components properly.  This ensures safety features for the new beginners to start using the Tribest SW-2020. This feature prevents messing on the countertop and other things from going wrong.

When you start the juice maker, you will feel that it works at very low decibels that it is quieter during the operation of juice extraction.  The juicer is slow speed, but the slow sped is a plus point for reducing noise as much in centrifugal juicers. The Cap is convenient for regulating the flow of juice extraction while preventing spills.

Cleaning and Ease of use

The feeding chi inserts the produce into is 2.5*1.5 inches large. This large feeding chute is more convenient and can accept large pieces for operation and extracting the juice of them.

The components of the juicer are detachable and can be easily and quickly disassembled. . The parts of the Juicers are Dishwater safe and you can wash them in dishwater. . Some of the parts can be cleaned with wiping with a soft cloth.  The Juicer comes with a cleaning brush that you can use for cleaning the corners of the juicer.

  • BPA Free Components
  • Powerful Motor with Versatility
  • Masticating Juicer ensure High Quality of Juice
  • Expensive
  • Time Consuming (Slow)

Tribest SS-4250 SoloStar 4 Horizontal Masticating juicer

The Tribest SW-4250 is a slow star Classic juicer. The design is a very simple one and nothing is very innovative in the design. . The Masticating juicer has a single Auger which is more durable and long-lasting.

The juicer has a powerful motor that ensures more durability and increases its performance.  The juicer has a small feeding chute, as it is a masticating juicer,  This juicer is slow speed and easy to handle for beginners.

This Tribest S-4250 Solostar Horizontal can do all things that a best horizontal masticating juicer can do.  The juicer has been designed with a small height so that it can be placed below the cabinet on your counter in your kitchen. Although the design is not a new one or attractive but is good for experts and easy to use for beginners.

when you look at first look at the juicer, it has a long-lasting single auger, which is more durable and high-performance reputation.

The motor of the juicer is a more fantastic thing to be considered. This is highly efficient and has more strength to crush much produce into juices. The juicer is perfect for wheatgrass and leafy grass. This means if people are looking for a horizontal juicer, this juicer excels in this category o be the best selection.

The Juicer has a speed of 57 RPM. This sped is fairly fast sped but relatively slow speed.  The slow speed will assure you have more nutrients and minerals in juices that you make at your home. This ensures healthier juices in your diet. Additionally, it also has a plus benefit to store the juicer for long hours and days. You can fairly keep the juice extracted from the tribest juicers for 4-5 days.

The components of the Tribest juicer are BPA Free. This means that the manufacturer ensured that the juice will remain more nutritious in your juice.

The juicer has a small feeding chute that has the dimensions of a 1,5-inch diameter which is smaller than usual.  This will have a bit more effort to cut the produce into smaller pieces before feeding them into the juicer, THe Plus point of the juicer is east to use the juicer and it doesn’t cog during its operation and don’t affect the future extraction processes.

  • Higher Juice Yields
  • BPA Free Parts
  • 15 years warranty
  • Less jamming
  • Less affordable

The Tribest SS4250-Solostar Single Masticating Juicer

Buy Tribest SS-4200-B Solostar Single Auger Masticating Juicer, White Online in Turkey. B01I6CRQ1Y
Tribest SS4250 Solostar Single Masticating Juicer

Bonus: It comes with a breadstick maker set and a pasta maker set. The pasta maker has three settings, depending on the type of pasta food you want to make: spaghetti, fettuccini, or angel hair.

It has a 5-year warranty with a durable use experience from the customers over the Amazon marketplace. The Tribest SW4250 has won the hearts of thousands of customers as they are much happy to use this model at their home and small commercial shops.


This juicer may be prone to producing a lot of foam. There is nothing you can do about this. Some people hate foam, but most don’t mind it too much.

Tribest GSE-5000 Greenstar Elite Jumbo Twin Gear Masticating Juicer

Image result for tribest GSE 50000

The Tribest GSE-5000 Greenstar Elite Jumbo Masticating Juicer is one of the high-performance juicers in the Tribest juicers line. This has a Jumbo Twin Grear Technology.  The Twin technology has already been discussed at the start of the Guide.

The Twin Gear Technology ensures the cutting capability of the juicer to cut everything from carrots to leafy greens.  This technology has a feature of triple action formula to ensure strong blades power for cutting the hard materials and soft veggies as well more effectively.


The Tribest GSE-5000 is easy to Use and runs at 110RPM, It has four screens to use for everyone. The Product ensures less heat generation during the extraction process. The Twin gear technology ensures the user delivers fresh, nutritious, and delicious juice on your counter to get your balanced diet.


The juicer has four screens that ensure that the appliance can assist to work in everyone’s performance. If you like an extra pulp, you can use the coarse appliance. if you need minimal pulp after the extraction of juice, you can use any of the screens for better processing. You can also use any other screen for food processing and making rice cakes, and raw breadsticks.

The Tribest GSE-5000 has the feature of pulp ejection pressure control, You can easily control the parameters to control the pressure of pup ejection in the extraction process of juice. The Cold Press juicer can blend a wide range of ingredients.

The value-added feature of cold press juicer is the reverse speed technology. This feature ensures to get rid of clogging and jamming in operating the juicer.

Cleaning and usability

The juicer comes with all the essential components with the juice, this fairly includes the glass piece, wooden plunges, and plastic ones too.  You can easily purchase the pasta maker as well as an additional component if you need that to meet your requirements.  The Tribest Slow masticating juicer is easy to use and is more versatile in processing all types of foods.

The cleaning process of the cold press juicer takes about 10-15 minutes. With the delivery of the juicer, you get the cleaning brush that helps in cleaning ut the food from nooks and crannies. Due to a large number of components of the juicer, it takes more effort and consumes more time to disassemble them.

  • Versatile
  • Easy to Use
  • easy to clean
  • 110 RPM
  • Difficult to Disassemble

Users Reviews

Many of the users when using this appliance, they have noticed that the juicer is versatile in operations. The users have rated the product’s versatility to be the ideal one. Whether you are making juices, smoothies, grinding or butter and sorbets, this juicer is the ideal one for use in your kitchen.

Customers liked the reverse function of the juicer, this feature avoids jamming and clogging in the juicer.  However, the appliance is easy to use but a slower one. It will take more time to extract juicer from a large number of materials

Users have noticed that the initial price of the product is very high.  Fortunately, every user is satisfied with the juicer for its versatility and best for every type of blending, grinding, and mixing operation.

Many users have seen to be very surprised to know to about the cleaning process of the appliances. you must have to invest your time and effort to clean the juicer properly. Many users have stated that you have to clean the juicer daily a week if you are using it daily. But most recommended to clean it once if you are using it once in a week

Tribest Green Star GP- E1503 Greenstar Power Gold  Juicer

Tribest best budget juicer

There are many juicers from the Tribest List, but This juicer is a more powerful, clean, and efficient Juicer. The GP-E1503 Greenstar Power Juicer can cut tough produce into gray hair. All Types of leafy greens, wheatgrass, carrots can be passed through this Juicer

As you know that The Tribest juicers ensure a healthy lifestyle. When the exponential increase in obesity in our country as well as globally, it has been noticed that more and more people are shifting towards a healthy lifestyle and diet, Juices can only be the remedy for balancing the diet, to get a healthy lifestyle. Tribest juicers are the best on the list to retain the maximum quantity of nutrients in the juice.

Other juicers also have the feature of automatic pulp ejection. This feature ensures easy to clean the juicer. it is easier to assemble and quieter in operation.

The Juicer has five years of warranty. The Tribest juicers are long-lasting and are more durable compared to any other brand in the market.

  • Automatic Pulp Ejection
  • 5 years warranty
  • Easy To clean
  • Less Affordable


Tribest juicers are well-known slow masticating juicers in the market. they’re a bit more expensive but the users who have invested in it are pretty much happy with its wide range of use for all types of ingredients .it is good for leafy greens as well as for carrots and apples too.

The Use and benefits of the Triebst juicers are listed in the article which might help you out to choose the best one within the limited budget you set for the best juicers. Juicing has a vital role on


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