How To Clean Juicer Jar–Best juicer’s Guide for Cleaning

We have to face many problems in our domestic life. But you should don’t worry because we are here for you and we are going to discuss a very important domestic problem in this article. After making juice we can not clean juicer jar very easily. Juicer tend to build up a brown crust or coating along the corners when they are not cleaned properly after use. Consumption of fresh juice, usually we can get with the help of a juicer, it is the best way to maintain your good health. We can observe that most people have the habit of simply rinsing the juicers after use and not cleaning them properly. There are some instructions for cleaning a juicer.

Instructions for Cleaning a juicer:

Cleaning a juicer is very important for retaining the sustainability of the juicer jar as well as ore much needed for good hygiene. There are some things to consider before using a juicer jar for the next juicing activity.

Things Required

  1. Juicer cleaning brush
  2. Mild dishwashing soap
  3. White vinegar
  4. Sodium bicarbonate
  5. Soft cloth
  6. Water

Instructions to be followed

  1. Buy juicer of good company.
  2. Wash the juicer jar with warm water and add mild dishwashing soap to it.

Some Useful Tips

  • When buying a juicer, you should select the model which is easy to handle and clean.
  • Never soak the main body of the juicer for cleaning because it contains the motor that runs the appliance.
  • Go through the manual before placing any juicer part in the dishwasher.
  • When a juicer has to be used multiple times a day, wash its parts every time when you make juice.

There are many benefits to drinking fresh juice. But you have to clean your juicer jar which is a serious problem. But we are going to give tips for its cleaning.
Every human body wants vitamins and nutrients. You can opt for juice that contains fruits, vegetables, herbs, and other ingredients that the choices are virtually endless.

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A good way to deal with juicer:

You can’t store your favorite juices at home. Making your own juice at home offers savings and access to juice anytime. Juicers are found in almost every home and they are found in kitchens. These help us in making juices and other kitchen’s work. No one can imagine even a single day without them. To avoid facing any problems which can interrupt the usage, you are bound to clean this on a regular basis. If you are still confused as to how to clean a mixer, then the article will help you. Here we are again standing with some tips.

Use Lemon Peels to clean a mixer:

juicer cleaning with lemon peels

Gradually, one of the best ways to clean a mixer is to use lemon peels, they will play a positive role in cleaning the mixer. First, you should extract all the juice of a lemon then use the peel. Rub the peels in the inner side of the mixer. After following the above tip, you can keep your juicer germ-free and fresh.

Use vinegar for stains:

Second, we can use vinegar in order to clean stains that are left on the mixer due to extended usage, you can make use of vinegar. Take two tablespoons of vinegar and mix it in some water and grind it for two seconds. After applying this tip you can observe that all stains have been removed.

Use the liquid detergent solution for Cleaning:

Take about one or two drops of liquid detergent and drop it in the mixer container with some water and dip all parts of the juicer in it for some time. This method also helps you to clean a mixer properly and can be done on a regular basis.


The best way to deal with your juicer is to wash it as soon as possible. This prevents the formation of hard crust which is difficult to remove later on. By following the tips mentioned above, you can keep your neat and clean. Again you can use it at any time.

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