Best Cheap blender for veggie smoothies under $100 in 2022

Are you looking for the best cheap vegetable blenders for chopping your veggies and foods for your meals? If you are lacking in budget, Blendersversus will help you to choose the most affordable blenders for slicing vegetables for salads and dishes. We would finally help you to choose the best cheap blender for veggie smoothies under $100 in 2022.

We can feel your curiousness for finding gout the best cheap blenders for whipping out your milkshake for your breakfast, and to ease the operability for making soups, puree, smoothie, and sauces.

We currently have tested 100 blenders from top brands for testing out the best effective blenders under $100 that are more affordable for our customers. We have selected the 10 best cheap vegetable blender that will assist you in crushing fruits and eggies more effectively within your budget of less than $40. There are some factors that you must look upon while buying the best cheap blenders for chopping and making smoothies in your kitchen,

In order to Test and select eth best vegetable blenders among different blenders from the line, we tested all the blenders with 5 kilograms of coffee beans, blended about 10 kilograms of frozen berries and 5000 ice cubes were all pulverized. We prepared kale smoothies, shakes, and frozen drinks,. Upon testing, we evaluated the help of the owner’s manual and concluded that each model is to assemble accordingly and used then cleaned. we also considered the noisy blenders and finally, we reached t line up the best and cheap blender from the list. There are some best blenders that you can go for them to purchase in 2021 and let start making your favorite smoothies at home.

Best personal blender

vest blender for smoothies

best powerful blender

Best Compact Blender

Best Overall Blender

Best Large Capacity Blender:  Ninja PRofessioanl 22 Ounce Blender

10 Best Cheap blenders for Veggie Smoothies Under $100

We have shortlisted the best and cheap blenders from different brands that have proven themselves the best blenders in the marketplace. Depending upon the use and versatility of blenders working, our shortlisted blenders are ideal in use and affordable in price. Following are picked up the best vegetable blenders under $100.

Oster Blender 1200 Pro with Glass Jar

if you are trusted to Oster the best blenders brand, you should choose the most affordable cheap vegetable blender with antique functionalities. This comes with the pre-programmed settings with 7 speeds developed from smart technology from Oster Brand. It has counter dual direction blade technology that helps the ingredients to be blended more quickly and effectively. Te 3.5* extra-wide blade system helps the blending operation to flow down with faster results of producing smoothies.

vest overall vegetable blender


It has a power of 1200 to 900 watts that hs the ability of cruse frozen fruit sand ice to crush down. it has six cups dishwasher boro class to be durable with thermal shocks. it also has a large volume for ensuring large capacity smoothie cup. it has a metal base jar connection that makes it more feasible and compact to use for blending.


Oster has a Ten years Duralast all-metal drive limited guarantee for the durability of their products. This makes Oster blenders more durable and works effectively for blending and hopping grinding activities.

  • used for frozen foods to crush them
  • long term warranty
  • customer found it less relaible

Ninja Professional 72Oz Countertop Blender

Ninja Professional 72 Oz Countertop blender is an Amazon Top rated Vegetable lender with a powerful 1000 watts and total Crushing technology at the most reasonable price under $100. This Ninja Vegetable blender features a sleek design with a 1000 watts powerful machine and a 64-ounce maximum liquid capacity. in the Jar.

BEst Vegetable chopper under $100
Ninja professional blender

Ninja VEegetble blender has strong and sharp blades use for pureeing, blending, and controlled processing crushed ice and frozen foods in seconds. This best and cheap vegetable blender is ideal for crushing and blending with an affordable price from amazon with long-lasting durability.

The Ninja Professional Blender is perfect for converting frozen ice into snow in seconds. The powerful blender is ideal for converting your favorite veggies into sauces, smoothies, and dips.  The six blades assembly allows the blender to crush faster te ice and frozen vegetables

The six blades assembly is enough strong to crush ice and frozen vegetables to blend them and prepare your delicious sauces and smoothies for meals. Amazon has placed this Ninja Professional blender as the best choice for clients due to its 5000+ five stars reviews from buyers. ITs high watts power and affordable price make it more attractive for buyers to buy it instantly.

Hamilton Beach Power Elite Blender

if you’re choosing the best and cheap blenders, Hamilton Beach Power Elite Blender will not lose the competition. Hamilton is known for the best cheap vegetable blenders with nest functionalities. Hamilton beach power blender comes with 12 blending function s and easy to use for making milkshakes, salsa, smoothies, and ice.

Best Cheap Vegetable Blenders
Hamilton Beach Power Elite Blender


Hamilton beach power blender comes with a 700 watts machine that is straightforward, easy to handle, and operated, and less energy consumption. this small power blender makes it the best and cheap vegetable blender in the market.


Hamilton beach power elite burner comes with three years of warranty as people have experienced it with long-lasting up to three years with best functions and operations. with this price, this blender comes with the best choice for using it single-handed with three years of warranty.

  • Affordable
  • cnsumes less energy
  • Three Years warranty
  • Can not be used by larger families

Ninja Personal Blender for Shakers

whether you are eager to whip up your milkshake or mouthwatering for a mint margarita, Ninja personal blender is specially modeled for you for whipping your shakes.

cheap vegetable blender
Ninja Personal blender


Ninja Personal blender comes with 700 watts with pod using pulse technology for operations. It is designed to extract the hidden vitamins and nutrients from fruits and veggies for a healthy diet. This is specially designed for crushing ices and making smoothies and shakes.

if you have a hunger for drinking a thick smoothie, you should remove the top lid. There is a small hole for air in the lid and the cups provided with it are BFA Free. This blender is designed for blending hot ingredients too.


Ninja personal blender has a 16-ounce Nutri-Ninja Cups and 2 slip and Seal lids and a recipe inspiration guide on how to use the blender in an effective way. This blender is remarkable for completing your shake-blender requirements because of its powerful and compact shape and power with pulse technology,

Oster Simple Blend 100 10-Speed Blenderbest and Cheap vegetable BLender

Oster has a variety of Blenders depending upon the functionality and use of vegetable blenders. The Oster Simple 100 10-speed blender comes with a stainless steel blade, a six cups jar, and a 10-speed use option.


Oster Simple Blender is 700 power watts and 450 bending watts. This blender is easy to clean as its cups and lid are dishwater safe. the Blades are strong and sharp for perfect blending. if you drop the jar from the top, it may not break but be safer while cleaning it. many users have experienced it as louder than other models due to 700 power watts blender, but if noise is the factor, Oster gives a long-lasting warranty of 10 years during the time of purchase.


This Blender is designed for making smoothies and salsa but not be ideal for blending the beans and coffee nuts, it will work decently for shakes as it is fine for blending within this limited budget. The motor is built with a boost of extra power at start-up with 700 watts, moving ingredients down into a spiraling vortex. It comes with Boroclass glass blending jar for easy cleaning, The Blending jar is dishwasher safe and shatter-proof. This helps the blener to go from the dishwater into the blending ice cold drinks.

  • strong Blades
  • Dishwater safe parts
  • powerful blending Motor
  • screw rings problem
  • Expensive

Sboly Personal Blender

One more highly recommended vegetable blender from blender versus is the single-serve blender for smoothies and shakes is Sboly personal blender. This would be the best choice for you if you are looking for the best and heap food blender for smoothies and shakes.

vegetable smoothie blender
Sboly Personal blender


Sboly personal blender has a robust 300W motor that is quite powerful and compact in design. This blender comes with a uniques design, made of stainless steel, ultra-sharp blades and two titan BPA-Free 20 Oz cups, and a cleaning brush for easy wash the cups.

Sboly personal blender has BPA-free parts to ensure hygienic and safe juice drinking. This blender is properly operated when the bottle is perfectly installed in the LOCK place. Sboly blender is built with overheating prevention & auto-recovery function. This ensures you to use the blender more safely with your family and kids to enjoy the delicious shakes


Sboly personal blender is the simple one-button operation blender for making effortless smoothie sand jounces with a go. you can make your favorite juice in just less than 20 seconds and set on for jogging with your juice bottle.

Ninja Professional 22 Ounce Blender

Ninja Provides you a 1000 watts professional and advanced 22-ounce blender with a high-quality 72-ounce jar. this powerful large capacity Ninja blender is ideal for culinary creative batches of shakes for a large number of crew members. Users are extremely happy with the work of crushing ice and smoothies with the powerful compact high watt blender.

Best Vegetable blenders

The Ninja offers three-speed and pulse function with its pulse technology for effective operation for large quantity and long durability operations. The 72-ounce Jar is of durable Orignal dishwater safe plastic.


 Ninja Professional blender has a 6 blade assembly that allows you to crush ice faster and blend vegetables and frozen fruits smoother than other decent blenders. while cleaning the dicer, you should use a damp cloth for cleaning the external and internal to wipe clean.

Glowing Review: If you are wondering why the blender performs so well despite being a lower price, it’s because the device is well-engineered and paired with a base and blade which both have plenty of power, but sadly the pitcher is made with a very cheap plastic. As you can see in the attached pictures, the product cracks and leaks despite hand-washing. In case you are wondering if I filled it with rocks or something, the densest material I’ve used are mixed nuts for smoothies, I haven’t even used it to crush ice.

Magic Bullet Blender  ( Best and Affordable)

Nutri blender is presenting you with the best smoothie blender so-called The Magic Bullet blender consisting of seven parts I one set. this is perfect for your small kitchen and easier for chefs to blend faster and prepare perfect smoothies, This magic blender comes at THe most affordable prices with a number of unique features and can compete with other expensive blenders in the market.

Best cheap vegetable blenders under $100
Magic Bullet Blender


The blender comes with a small compact bullet-shaped container specially designed for blending producing perfect smoothies. This comes at a more affordable price and is easy to be shifted from one place to another.  The small but mighty blender confirms its place in the best cheap vegetable blenders under $100 list.

The Nutri Blender is best for making smoothies because of its small size, affordable price, compact, and easy to clean. The Magic Bullet blender can blend, mix, whip, grind, and more. The cups in the set are high-quality impact plastic. Along with eh magic blender, a complete guidebook is provided to understand the use and how to make smoothies and blending vegetables.  while blending vegetables, add 1/2 cup of water for a smooth blend of veggies,


THe AICOOK Blenderiis a smoothie blender that comes 3 in 1 set blender setup. This vegetable blender includes a 51-ounce glass har, a mini chopper for mincing meat, and a mini grinder as well. This vegetable can work as a good processor in terms of grinding and chopping. This is developed in pulse technology working at two speeds.

Best blender for vegetable
AICOOK Professional Blender


All parts are dishwater safe and there is no need of putting the blender in dishwater.  Users have often chosen this blender for crushing ice. It has been the perfect choice for smoothies. The blades of the AICOOK blender are titanium coated, brand guide tells them to wash the parts quickly after the blender being used to avoid rusting of blades. The dishwater parts are safe enough that you can sue more time with smoothies while spending less time in the kitchen.

if you are looking for the best and specified blender for vegetables or mincemeat, this AICOOK blender would be the best choice for you. This blender is designed on pulse technology and rated the best blender in its reasonable price

K400 Variable Speed Blender

The compact and pretty blender proved itself to be credible to blend “even toughest ingredients., from beans to almonds” and has passed the testing phase of flying colors. we didn’t taste the beans seed smoothies, but the blender just crushed the ice into snow like foamy and it even blended the beans seeds smoothly.

veggie blender
best Vegetable blender


This K400 is one of the powerful and most versatile blenders to crush the ice cubes, it is easy to clean and more powerful to crush the ice, icy drinks, and pulverizing.. The cleaning effect of K400 is easy to handle. a little amount of soap or water is added to clean up the blender itself.

We observed that the start button is a little small in size and needs the care to activate instantly, although it is secured from children to start it.  The blender is an ideal pick from the list in its more affordable price compared to other blenders. This best and cheap vegetable blender is available in different colors.

if you are looking for a powerful vegetable blender for crushing and preparing your favorite vegetable  smoothie  then this K400 is one of the ideal choices for you to

Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender

Blendtec Total classic Orignal Blender is one of the most powerful vegetable blenders for making smoothies and blending activities. It has the ability to crush, turn, and mold the greens to convert them to the best smoothies. In the Blendtec cylinder, the blades are mounted creating a vortex in a vegetable smoothie that compels ingredients into the blade rather than pushing them out. The result is a smooth, light green drink.

Green smoothie blender

It is easy to start and use. it comes with wonderful technology of 6 pre-programmed cycles, a one-touch button, pulse, and 10-speed manual control to adjust your blending activity and achieve any type of blended smoothies. The speed can be adjusted at any time while blending.

Like the Vitamix, it is easy to clean, just adds water into the jar and start the blending, it will clean itself with the power of its motor. It is designed with high technology where it is programmed to give maximum versatility to give to perform other blending and grinding and pulverizing.

The American Company has eight years of warranty for their best vegetable blender so for the long-lasting efficient vegetable blender among their best picks

Vitamix E310 Blender— Best Overall

Vitamix E310–Best overall Blender is one of the ideas pick from the best and strong blenders with stainless blades and the most powerful motor embedded in it. it is designed for a powerful crushing and liquifies green, that;’s why it is considered the best blender for green smoothies. with this blender, you can drink your favorite smoothly blended strawberry, banana, and Spanish shakes.

BEst Blenders for green smoothies


despite the most powerful motor and sharp blades, the Vitamix blender is quiet, it doesn’t disturb your environment while preparing your delicious smoothies for your breakfast. The blender is easy to lean up. The blades are not removable, so just for the sake of safety, put a tow cup of dishwater and start it over to lean itself.

if you are looking for the best blender for green smoothies, then this Vitamix E310 is an ideal blender for your green smoothies. This blender is ranking with 2000+ positive reviews, but if you have a good budget, you should go for this which is expensive than other blenders in the marketplace.


Factors To keep in mind while buying Best cheap vegetable blenders

Blendersversus have scraped out the best blenders available in the market with the best working capacity and reasonable budget for buyers, following are the actors to be considered while purchasing and cheap vegetable blender for your kitchen blending and pulverizing activities


while buying your kitchen appliances, you should consider the power. Depending on your requirements, you should choose wisely your best blenders. High voltage blenders are formed pulverizing frozen fruits and ices while the lower voltage blenders are ideal for fresh vegetables grinding into liquid states.

Machine size

Sizes can matter from your free space in your kitchen and your requirements. If you have a small family, you should go for the smaller one that will work best for you according to your use of blenders t you’re home. Smaller blenders can be adjusted at any corner of your kitchen shelves and be put in the cabinet when not in use.

Use Frequency

while shopping for a vegetable blender, you should consider how often blenders are being used at homes. if you are a single-household person, you should buy a smaller compact vegetable blender will be ideal. if you have a combined family and the use is more often a day, then you should stand with the more durable and that can sustain for longer times.


blenders ranging in prices depending on functions and features that are built-in with the blenders. you have to choose the blenders that satisfy your desired requirements. Best blenders have chopped, slicing, grinding, and crushing functions.

if you need a blender for smoothies, you should choose the simple blender, but if you need more features, the prices will vary with the additional features in blenders. A cheap blender will meet your needs of chopping, blending in puree your fruits m faster and effectively


You can consider this factor if you are in search of the best and cheap vegetable blender for your single household use. We have listed the cheapest blenders with versatile functionality for making smoothies, puree, and sauces.


We concluded from the article that Vitamix E310 is the ideal blender for vegetable smoothies. IT is one of the most powerful and best vegetable blender for preparing smoothies. Blendtec’s total classic blender was the best and perfect crusher and a bit louder than the Vitamix E310. Ninja Professional Counter Top blender doesn’t grind smoothly compared to the Top two, but it does deliver for what you’ll pay.

A Hamilton Beach Wave Blender is also a powerful crusher in the list of best vegetable blenders, but sometimes it doesn’t give satisfactory results in harsh challenges in case of blending greens, However, you can select the Ninja personal and Sboly blender as the best vegetable blender for green smoothies.


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