8 Best Electric Vegetable Choppers under $100 in 2022

Have you ever asked your mom or wife about what is the hardest task to do in the kitchen? She will definitely answer you about the slicing and dicing of food and vegetables. You may also have cut your finger while cutting food and veggies due to inconvenience during slicing or dicing. The best vegetable cutter machines are powered by electricity. These choppers are versatile, cheap, and fast in processes.

Vegetable slicer choppers are easy to assemble and use in a small kitchen to chop up the veggies and make your delicious salad for your meals. There are various vegetable food choppers available in the market. If you are limited in your budget, We would recommend you the best and cheap electric vegetable choppers under $100.

Before vegetable choppers reviews, we would like to discuss the difference between vegetable choppers and slicers and fruit processors. So we know the different types of vegetable choppers and food choppers and later we will select them according to our needs.

Vegetable Chopper Vs Food Processor:

Vegetable Chopper:

· Useful for smaller quantities of food (~1 to 4 cups)

· Smaller kitchen appliance; easy to store

· Specifically, it chops but may also slice, blend, and mix, etc.

· Usually Vegetable choppers are manual, but there are electric too,

· Vegetable Choppers are easy to clean and use.

Food Processor:

· Useful for larger quantities of food (~7 to 12 cups)

· Larger kitchen appliance

· Often has discs for grating and slicing

· Can knead the dough

· Usually electric, but some are manual

· Has a feeding tube

· More expensive than a vegetable chopper

· Time-consuming to clean

Vegetable cutters are used as salad cutters as well as onions, carrots, cucumber, and all types of vegetables for making their slices and dices. Most of the vegetable choppers are manual and some are electric vegetable choppers, If you are interested we recommend you to read out the best electric vegetable choppers reviews if you are going to buy your vegetable cutter for making a salad for routine meals.

Uses and Benefits of Vegetable slicers and cutters

cutting and slicing are daily tedious tasks in our kitchen routine. therefore the vegetable slicers and dicers are the best machines for chopping up the vegetables before cooking them There are two advantages of using vegetable slicers and choppers

  1. vegetable choppers are used in slicing up the large onions into small prices to let them cook easily and needs less concentration while cutting and dicing veggies for cooking
  2. The second advantage of using the vegetable choppers is it no longer needs

Best Electric Vegetable Choppers Under $100

Following are the best electric vegetable choppers available in the market that are perfect to use in the kitchen at reasonable rates for your blending, slicing, and dicing of vegetables and fruits.

Ninja Food Chopper (NJ110GR)

Ninja Food Chopper, BEst Vegetable Chopper Dicer

First looking over the vegetable chopper machines. The Ninja Food chopper comes first. This electric vegetable chopper is easy to handle, clean design with BPA Free Construction. These are features come in just around about $30. Not at all,

Ninja Express can handle every job as a professional that chop and slice, dices, blend, and puree fresh fruits and vegetables evenly in 12 to 16 cups). The result is perfect and evenly distributed.

Pulse Technology

The Ninja Food chopper 200-watt power having multi features with a large chrome pulsing button for ultimate control and accurate results.


The Ninja Express is designed with BFA Free parts construction. IT has a 200 watts power machine to run more powerfully. it can smoothly dice, grind, chop, mince, and even can blend all types of ingredients for proper meal preparation. The chopping process is much easier. The ninja express has a capacity of 16 ounces. it is designed in ergonomic shape which has a powerhead that is easy to handle.

Additional Features

A no-slip base and splashguard on the chopper bowl keep everything steady and clean. A storage lid is included to keep your food fresh and all removable parts are dishwasher-safe.

Pros & Cons

  • Dishwater safe
  • Pulse Technology

    Electric Mini Food Chopper

    Electric Mini Food Chopper, BEst Vegetable Chopper Dicer
    Mini Food Chopper

    This is a small food processor for veggie chopping including onion, garlic, meat, and ginger within the 250Ml jar. This is Electric Onion Chopper running with electricity that can be charged as well. This comes in cat-shaped with a 30-watt motor. it gives an excellent chopping efficiency and perfect for small dicing activities

    This is easy to use, with the one-button operation and can be handled with one hand. it is simple to start chopping the veggies with the electric onion chopper. Simply press and hold the button from the top and the machine will start chopping. it helps in making batches of salsa, pesto, hummus, and guacamole.

    The mini food processor is easy to handle and easy to clean, It has detachable blades that are more convenient while cleaning it. you can easily wash out the electric food chopper separately. It is easy and safe to use the mini food chopper. it is designed from the BFA Fre material The hall switch is switched of when the lid is unplugged from the chopper motor. for safer using,

    The mini Food chopper is rechargeable and portable. you can easily carry it with you on a long drive for dinners on trips and tours. The small compact size mini vegetable chopper is rechargeable and can be used anywhere accordingly. it has 1500 mAh rechargeable and can be used 50 times for chopping and grinding. It is portable and cordless. it is the best choice for a small kitchen and small use at the best affordable price

    Pros & Cons

    • Affordable in price
    • Rechargeable
    • Easy t use
    • easy to clean
    • Used for small foods
    • Not More durable

    Fullstar Vegetable Chopper Dicer Mandoline Slicer

    Best Vegetable chopper reviews
    Fullstar Vegetable chopper dicer

    The Fullstar Chop n Slice Pro is one of their most perfect products, due to the multi-functionality. it is remarkable how much time it can save you in the kitchen.

    This one utensil can do the job of many, and when you put it to work in the kitchen you significantly reduce the hours spent making breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks, so you can get on and enjoy the more important things in life.

    Full start vegetable chopper is one of the top listed best-selling products of amazon in the kitchen slicing and dicing category. It comes with its utmost features including 11 easy to change inserts including two different sized chopper blades, two spiralizer inserts giving you the option of broad ribbons or thin spirals plus mandoline, julienne, and greater functionality.

    It comes with versatile functionalities like egg separator, food chopper, juice your fresh lemons, Bonus handheld peeler, the juice from your egg slices your hard-boiled egg with all in one vegetable slice dicer.

    This machine has stainless steel blades of high quality comes razor-sharp. One more feature is the finger-guard and a protective glove that keeps you safe while using the spiral cutter and blades. Now you can enjoy the Free easy sliced meals for your family

    When you put your trust in the Fullstar name and purchase the Chop n Slice Pro, you’ll get such features as:

    · Eight interchangeable cutting blades which deliver unique results;

    · One-quart catch tray to reduce mess and waste as you cook;

    · BPA free and FDA approved with all materials;

    Buying A Fullstar Chop and Slice Pro

    When you’re ready to dice food and take out and ready it for a delicious and nutritious meal, you can get a Fullstar chop n slice Pro through Amazon. This innovative product only costs around $35 through the online shopping portal, and you’ll receive free shipping when you order it today.

    With just this Fullstar product, you can do any task like slicing, dicing, hoping, mincing, blending your Veggies for your delicious meals.

    One Plus bonus for Amazon Prime members is you can receive it within just two working days so there’s not long to wait until you can make healthy changes in your life. Fullstar also warrants a 100% money-back guarantee on the Chop n Slice Pro if you feel it does not work upon the expectations..

    Pros & Cons

    • Versatile functionalities

    • Fingure guard

    • sharp stainl3ss blades

    • affordable

    • less urable

    • only for home use 

    Hamilton Beach Black 8-Cup Food Processor

    Best Vegetable blender under $100, Hamilton Beach Food Processor
    Hamilton beach food processor

    Hamilton Beach is one of the ideal picks from amazon’s best choices. This powerful vegetable processor is perfect for slicing,, blending, pureeing, and dicing the veggies for your meals. This is the best food processor with easy to use and spend less time to

    The Food Chopper from Hamilton Beach is provided for you with some extraordinary features. As it provides you restaurant like slices in your kitchen. it comes with a large bowl and a dishwasher that measures 6.3/3 by 5-with 7 inches large bol that easily accumulates the chopped slices. There are a set of blades for your chopping slices and dicing and lid with a bowl.


    Hamilton Beach food chopper is versatile in nature. As it can be used for different purposes. It can be sued for slicing, shredding, chopping, and pureeing vegetables. It has a 450 watts powerful pod that works with pulse technology and has two speeds for activity. The blades are made of stainless steel that is strong enough that can be used to mix, chop, and puree the vegetable and fruits.   This hamilton is an 8-cup capacity  that can handle a large number of ingredients The discs are reversible and can be used for shredding

    IF you are looking for a multifunctional strong vegetable chopper, you must go for Hamilton beach Food processor for slicing up your ingredients in the kitchen for meal preparation.

    Pros & Cons

    • Can be Used for slicing, shredding, and chopping
    • BPA Free Dishwater safe parts
    • Sharp blade
    • best for familie ue
    • Expenive
    • Loud

    Cuisinart Elemental  Food Processor

    Cuisinart Elemental Food Processor
    Cuisinart Elemental Food Processor

    The Cuisinart Mini Food processor will not dough food like a Food processor, but it will work for chopping up vegetables and small ingredients into smaller ones. This mini food process is one of the best electric vegetable choppers under $100 for small chopping chors.

    The blades are auto-reversing and best for grinding and chopping actions. The 8 cups compact food processor makes sit the best pick for salsa without pureeing the bowl again and again. With the small machine,  you can chop onions, garlic, and vegetables. it has the ability to grind cheese and spices, make mayonnaise, and puree vegetables.

    There are two buttons for the chop and grind in the Cuisinart elemental food processor. A spatula is included in the set  The bowl and lid are dishwater safe while cleaning. The vegetable chopper comes with reversible shredding discs as well as slicing discs for making slices. We would highly recommend the Cuisinart elemental food processor to be the best electric vegetable chopper below $100.

    Pros & Cons

    • Best Electric Vegetable Chipper
    • SUed fro Salsa
    • Affordable
    • Easy To clean
    • Easy Programming
    • Loud
    • No blade Cups

    KitchenAid KFC3516EF  3.5 Cup Food Chopper

    KitchenAid Food Chopper
    KitchenAid Food Chopper

    KitchenAid brings the best chopper electric for chopping and slicing fast and quickly. This is built with pulse technology at two speeds. The best electric onion chopper is easy to use and simple to handle as it is a hand operation chopping machine.


    The KitchenAid electric chopper for vegetables is witlBFA Free work bowel, handle and locking blade, and a pouring spout.  this is a compact and lightweight electric chopper for vegetables The blade is locked with the jar, so the blade doesn’t drop while opening the bowel to empty. the lid is locked, so there is no issue to hold it while operating the electric chopper for vegetables for chopping

    This small food chopper is easy to operate and is dishwater safe. t is easy to clean with safety and security. There is a drizzle hole that lets you add water or oil slowly to the electric food processor


    Electric Mini Garlic Chopper, Food Slicer, And Chopper

    Electric mini garlic chopper
    Electric Mini Garlic Chopper

    The Mini Garlic chopper is a high-quality performing food chopper for chopping, dicing, and slicing garlic, onion, and gingers. The mini electric food chopper is handy and easy to use for small chopping in kitchens. it is fitted with a 30W motor designed to drive the stainless steel chopper blades that give a reliable result with great performance.


    This is a lightweight electric mini garlic chopper with an 8.5oz food chopper. This is perfect for small obs like garlic chopping, dicing and slicing onions, gingers, and grinding peppers, etc,  It is easier to use and clean. A one-touch button is there on the body motor to start and stop the electric onion chopper. once you fill-up the bowl with the ingredients and lock the lid. this will crush the whole in just seconds. the blades are detachable, and you can easily rinse the electric food chopper after use. The Electric Food chopper is waterproof and you can wash it instantly.

    The Mini Garlic chopper has BFA free material that is harmless to your family. Food Grade blades are 304 stainless steel made sharp enough that you must be careful washing cleaning.  It is highly recommended to cut the large pieces of material into smaller pieces before putting them into the chopper. f you are chopping the hard skin vegetables, you must have to PREBOIL and then MICROWAVE the carrots or beats before chopping them up in the chopper.

    Pros & Cons

    • Easy to Use
    • Affordable
    • Easy to Clean
    • Waterproof body
    • Not for hardcore vegetables
    • no Cup Blades
    • No Shreding Blades

    CuisiPro Surface Glide Technology 4 sided boxed Grater

    Best Electric Onion Chopper

    CuisiPRo brings the surface glide technology grater for chopping and dicing. This 4 boxed grater is a high cook’s recommended food vegetable chopper for dicing and slicing.  it has the ability to grate more with less effort upon the veggies. This is to be the cheapest and perfect veggies chopper for the kitchen.


    it has grooves that make it easy to grate the vegetables. grove also elongates the length of the blades that allows them to chop more food with easier touch.it has an easy to hold non-slip handle to grip and give stability during the chopping activity In additional features, it has a bonus ginger grater, that shreds fresh ginger roots and left behind the unwanted fibers.

    If you are searching for the food chopper for veggie chopping and dicing. The CuisiPRo grater would be the best option for you to purchase the manual onion chopper.

    How To Choose a Best and Cheap Vegetable Chopper and Dicer

    Vegetable chopper and dicers are simple devices, which are generally only provided by a few parts. They are simple to dice and chop, and they have many points to consider while buying the best suitable chopper for slicing and chopping veggies for n just seconds perfectly.

    However, if you want to select the best vegetable cutter and become a satisfied customer after buying the vegetable cutter, I suggest you know the following characteristics:

    Design And Ergonomics:

    Vegetable chopper comes in various shapes, sizes, and colors. Select the perfect compact vegetable cutter to use, so there is no need for large space to assemble the vegetable dicer. A compact design can be adjusted anywhere.

    When it comes to ergonomics, try using vegetable dicer with handles that are easy to handle. You can also look for vegetables with a stable, non-slip base to avoid problems of use.


    The blades of vegetable cutters are usually designed with metals and the cover made from metals and plastics. For best cutting results, try using a vegetable cutter with metal milling tools. The metal cutter allows you to cut through any vegetables, cooked, or raw easily. It could also allow you to cut strong ingredients like nuts.


    Since vegetable cutter is available in different shapes and sizes, it is reasonable to assume that their capacity varies. Go for using a vegetable cutter with which you can cut at least half of the whole onion at a time.

    If you find a vegetable cutter that can help you cut whole or large vegetable pieces at the same time, I suggest you purchase it, as this will undoubtedly help you to minimize the time duration and effort in preparing food.

    Ease Of Use:

    Go for the ones that are easy to use as a vegetable cutter. It means selecting those that come with a container, so you do not have to clean it up long after chopping the vegetables. You can also look for interchangeable cut Vegetable choppers dicers and ease of use.

    If you want to use the vegetable cutter properly, the first thing to do is to clean the fruits and vegetables, especially if the foods you work have hard skin. If you do not wish to clean vegetables, the skin can dip in the knife, seems it will not cut the entire vegetable.

    Another thing you should always do is cut the vegetables into appropriate pieces. This allows you to push the cutter into the vegetables gently, then it will cut out all the slices in the same sizes


    There are various vegetable choppers available for chopping. Before buying any electric vegetable chopper, you must have to consider what are your objectives, how often you would use the chopper for kitchen activities. There are a number f best electric vegetable choppers available in the market with different features  that you have to relate to your use and which one you will select for shopping for your kitchen works


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