5 Effective Juicer Cleaning Hacks You Must Try Out

How To Clean a Juicer in 2022

You might have experienced some bite of fruits or veggies to decay on the walls of your juicer har. This ultimately affects the walls of the juicer that is the so-called gunk. The gunk gives the bacteria to grow over the walls of the blender jar and becomes part of our smoothies, which is seriously very harmful to our health. That’s why it is very precautionary to clean up your juicer after every operation and everyone wants to know how they can use effective juicer cleaning hacks to remove the gunks from your juicer.

The kitchen is the place where you can cook delicious dishes, smoothies, and yummy donuts that make us healthy, and fit, but when are considering juices and drinking the stuff, we must clean our juicer machines to keep it hygienic and good for health.

In modern times, everyone has adapted to juices and nobody uses any conventional way to prepare juice at home. Every Kitchen has a juicer for preparing healthy smoothies and fruit juices. Everyone opts for the modern and effective juicer machine for the kitchen to prepare fresh juice at once. Companies are working on BPA Free and dishwater safe products that are more reliable and durable for a long time. However, users must learn to clean juicing machine twice a week if they use to make juices daily.

How To Clean a Juicing Machine With Tools

In order to clean your juicer for the next healthy glass of smoothies, you must have to clean your juicing machine and juicer jar as well. There are different tools used for cleaning the juicer with effective ways to keep it safe from any fault. One must be more careful while cleaning the juicer.

Following are the things you require for cleaning juicing machine at home:

  • water
  • spatula
  • a scrubber
  • Juicer cleaning Brush
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Mild dish soap
  • Soft or Absorbent Cloth
  • standard eraser
  • a nice bristle brush

Now we will discuss how and where you can use these tools in juicer cleaning after you used them for making your favorite smoothies.

A nice Bristle brush

If you want to clean out the bacterial deposits over the juicer, you must use bristle brush if you want to remove stains completely from the juicer buildup. The brush is very affordable to purchase and you can replace it too.

Nowadays, most of the juicers comes with a cleaning stiff brush where you can find not many bristles that helps in properly cleaning out the juicer. We would suggest the bristle brush purchased from the market that has many bristles that can fit the meeting the tip properly for cleaning the juicer.

Standard Eraser

Here you will need a standard type of eraser that is helpful while cleaning a juicer, THe standard eraser helps you in brushing out any residual stains from the juicer. The standard eraser is used for cleaning out the juicer body and the motor, so you do not use this for cleaning the juicer parts.

A Microfiber Cloth

The microfiber cloth is a very soft in touch cloth piece especially sued for cleaning out smooth and sensitive products. The microfiber cloth is very soft that doesn’t scratch anything while cleaning objects and is more efficient in accumulating all the dirt and stains from juicers’ body parts. Hence, the use of microfiber cloth in juicer cleaning is constructive

Procedure for Cleaning Juicer Machine

Here’s the method to follow for cleaning tips for your juicer which will be beneficial to you.

1.) The first step is that you need to disconnect the juicer machine, or switch off your juicer, so you must go through the instruction instructions on how to disassemble the juicer. Each brand of juicer has its own guide for the juicer.

2.) In the second step, you must remove the juicer from your kitchen as quickly as you can. If you have difficulty doing this. You can go through the instructions in the warranty book or browse the internet for information about this product.

3.) The container which has garbage or pulp is scraped carefully using a spatula

4.) Put each piece under running water, or put them in soap and water apart from electrical components.

5.) Sometimes, small areas of the machine are left unwashed. This causes a drop in production when you use smaller brushes. You can locate them on the internet. A small amount of baking soda and an abrasive cloth could assist in the removal of scrub power

6.) for a more thorough cleaning, fill the sink with dish soap and water. Add the mixture to it. Then, put each piece of food in the sink for two to four minutes before washing it using a brush and cloth

7.) Mesh strainer quickly became awash with juice debris and pulp So pay particular attention to its cleanliness. Do not let the juice particles dry out in it as they could hinder the process of the juicer.

8.) Juice can end in any place, so make sure to cleanse it with an absorbent cloth or use a sponge to clean it.

9.) Allow all of the pieces to completely dry for 10 to 15 minutes or use a cloth to clean

10.) Now reassemble your juicer machine, but be careful when you put everything in its proper position.

11.) Now Your juicer machine is fully ready for your next juicing.

Frequently Asked Questions To Juicer Cleaning

How To Clean a Juicer Buildup

IF your juicer has some hard deposits of minerals or decayed food, you just have to clean up the juicer buildup. Take one spoon of vinegar, one

How To Clean stains from the juicer?

Juicer Cleaning Hacks

The stains appear when some users are not good at cleaning juicers properly. This causes stains that are left in between the blades of the blender. These stains are in form of carrot stains, orange stans, and some are color stains. You may experience with mineral deposits stains as well.

For both these situations, we highly recommend soaking all the juicer parts into a hot water tub. You can put the juicer parts into six gallons of a hot water tub. You can add cascade into the hot water and give time to soak in the water. This is one working hack that worked for us and your juicer would be looking for a new one for you.

How To wash juicer gadgets clean?

Well, in order to wash your juicer gadgets clean, you have to put all your juicer elements into the dishwater full of hot water.

How To Clean Omega Juicer Parts?

There are many juicers from different brands available in the market and you must learn to clean each one of them with a different style. IF you have an Omega Juicer for blending, then you must learn how to clean the omega juicer as well. The recommendation guide says to clean your omega juicer once a month, but w would suggest you clean it once or twice a month.

There are many ways to clean your omega juicer but the best one is to separate all the parts of your juicer and then put them all into hot water and add a small amount of detergent named cascade detergent nad put all of them into the same water tub for 12 to 20 hours. After that, now take off them from the water tub and clean each one of them with normal water and a soft rubbing brush. Hence you can clean out your Omega juicer perfectly.

How To Remove Tough Residue

If you have used your juicer for a while without giving it a clean, the residue is bound to become dry and difficult to remove.  Use a denture tablet or soak the juicer in white vinegar to remove the stains.

How To Clean Juicer Filter

One must know how to clean the juicer filter that is more sensitive n regards to washing it out. The easiest way to clean the juicer filter is to soak it in a mixture of citric acid and water for decomposing the dust particles. After 2 hours, you have to wash the juicer filter with water and you will get your filter neat and clean from dust and stains.

Our Thoughts

After reading out the article, you would be capable of cleaning juicer buildup and juicer filter as well. We clearly composed how to clean juicer parts that will help you in the future while cleaning your juicer buildup. If you are thinking about buying the Best affordable juicers for celery juicers, or the best affordable juicers for fruits and veggies, you can read our detailed guides on our portal.


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