11 Best Affordable blenders for green smoothies

The best and perfect way to make the fruits and veggies into your diet is to make their smoothies and drink them. Smoothies are my favorite drinks that I usually take in my diet in my gym routine. This not only satisfies my hunger but also gives me enough energy and health for my body to keep more strong for sports and doing daily chores.The article will also help you out to find the best affordable beldners for green smoothies for fruits intake in your diet.

IF you want to make fruits and veggies into your diet, you would need the best and affordable blender that can help you to automatically prepare your favorite smoothy of your seasonal and favorite fruit. Today, We are going to enlist the best and affordable blenders for green smoothies at home just in a few easy steps.

A blender can meet your requirements whether you are preparing for your office in the early morning or making your favorite margarita with your family in the evening. Your healthy milkshake is always one step away from pressing the start and stop button of your favorite blender at your home.

11 Best Affordable blenders for smoothies

AICook Blender

The AICOOK best-rated overall online marketplace just because of 3 in 1 features blender. This includes a 51.5-ounce glass jar, a mini chopper, and a mini grinder. THe AICOOK blender has two-speed limits and a pulse function technology. All the parts of the blender are detachable and are dishwater safe. You can easily wash the parts in less time than taking your smoothie with your loving partner.

The AICOK is the perfect choice for making smoothies out of frozen fruits and iced products. The blender has a powerful machine to crush frozen fruits and vegetables. The guide book mentions that the blades are titanium coated and it is precautionary to wash and clean the parts as soon as possible to avoid any type of rust.

What we suggest for you if you want the best and affordable blender for smoothies and to mincemeat, this blender would perfectly meet your requirements.

Pros & Cons

  • Easy TO Use
  • Glass Jars
  • Perfect for smoothies
  • best for mincing Meat
  • Few control options
  • wash after every use
  • safety lock issues
  • Low durability

KitchenAid KSB1570OB 5-Speed Blender

The KitchenAid KSB15700B is a 5-speed blender that has been a best-rated blender for making your favorite smoothies. The blender set includes a 56-ounce BPA-free plastic pitcher, a metal base, five speeds feature stainless steel blade and has a pulse mode technology.

The control panel of the KitchenAid has a blue LED button for smooth and quick operations. The blender is easy to start and stop with the soft button click at a soft speed and pulling food into the blade before going into the selected speed settings.

within the budget blender, this model is a little pricy. The base of the blender jar is metal, while the jar is plastic, and the customer shaves the reviews that the blender doesn’t hold good in the dishwater and the blade rusts.

The design of the blender is such that the blades are not detachable from the jar. The whole jar and blade composition come in one part. The plus point is that the blender comes with one year of warranty.

If you need a blender easy to use and has quit controls, this would be the perfect one for you.

Oster 1200 Budget Blender — Best Overall

Oster has not lost the rates in the best budget blenders for making smoothies for you at your kitchen. The Oster Blender Pro 100 watts powerful blender at your kitchen to prepare delicious and healthy smoothies for you. This blender comes with seven-speed levels, with three modes for salsa, milkshakes, and healthy smoothies for you. The blender has an extra blade that can move in forward and reverse motions in the jar.

Few of the customers who experienced using the blender were quite happy with its effectiveness but were having the same complaint of leaking from the base. To avoid leaking from the base, one must put back the jar to the blender part precisely when it is cleaned. The process of attaching the blender to the jar should be with caution and perfection.

The base is plastic made, and the replacement part of the blender is nonexistent. Unlike most of the blenders, the Oster blender has all-metal connections between the parts like the base and the jar.

The price, power, and features make the blender of the cheap and best blender for making healthy smoothies.

 Hamilton Beach Power Elite Blender

Hamilton has always made their best kitchen appliances for their users within a limited budget for their users. The Hamilton Beach Power Elite Blender is a 12 blending featured blender that is easy to use and included varieties of specifications to make milkshakes, smoothies, and salsa.

The parts that come with the Hamilton Beach blender include a glass jar, blades, lid, which are all dishwater safe as well. There is a pouring spout at the top of the blender. The glass jar and blades are easy to be and clean, The machine power ranks the blender at number one best affordable blender for making smoothies.

The Blender comes with a long three years of warranty for its motor while many users have noticed that the machine has a louder operational sound that usually blenders don’t have. You must have to provided enough supply of power as some users have noticed a smoking and burning smell out of it.

This blender is perfect for your home use, but we would never recommend it for commercial use. For this limited price, it’s a perfect pick from the hamilton blenders.

Factors to Consider while Buying Best Affordable Blender for smoothies

If you have no idea about slow masticating blenders and commercial blenders, you must go and read some buyer’s guide. This would help you what are the factors you should consider before going for buying any blender from any marketplace.


The first and foremost factor is the power f the blender. The powerful blender will; pulverize ice and frozen fruits for you. Hence, if you need a blender for frozen fruits, then go for the blender with high voltage.


You must know about the use and controls of any blender that you are going to buy for making your favorite smoothies. Depending voe the price, the controls vary from blender to blender. If your budget is limited, go for the blender with fewer controls that would be easy to understand. But if your requirements are high, you can go for higher budget blenders with extra features.

Machine Size

while buying your best blender for smoothies, you must know your requirements. If you purchasing for your home use, don’t ever go for the larger ones. If you’re buying a blender for commercial use, then you must go for the blenders with larger machine size and power voltage.

Budget of Blenders

Your budget must meet the price of the blender that you need at your home. If you choose the wrong blender at a cheaper price, that may not work for you. Your budget should meet the price of the blender that you want to buy. You should have the features that you need in your blender hat you want to purchase for making smoothies.

Conclusions regarding best Affordable blenders

The blenders help us in making our favorite smoothies in minutes ready for our dining and morning breakfast. The complete article is a guide to the best affordable blenders to make green smoothies at your home. We researched and found that the AICOOK smoothies blender is a perfect choice with several features and gadgets that you can use for more operations like grinding and meshing.  The KitchenAid Blender is also a perfect choice for preparing smoothies: this comes with BPA free glass jar and with warranty for one year. THis stands as the best belnder that can meet your demand in best cheaper price.

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